Every now and then, I’m lucky enough to come across an organization that is a complete joy to work with, one that offers a level of service such that they have me as a customer for life.  Unfortunately, these types of organizations are becoming increasingly rare.  However, the big surprise here isn’t that I’m working with such an organization, but that this org is my web hosting provider.

I’ve experienced a fair share of hosting providers, but I have yet to find any that come close to webhost4life – their packages are beyond impressive (supporting WSS, MS SQL, MySQL, ASP.net, DotNetNuke, php, perl, etc.) priced below average and their support rocks.  Here it is 8pm CDT on a Tuesday, and I have a quick question that I can’t find an answer to in their FAQ – so I log in to their support panel, open a new case and pose the question, and since it wasn’t urgent, I give the case the lowest priority possible.  Within 15 minutes I’ve had an entire conversation with their support dept and everything is taken care of.  This is not the first time I’ve had to contact support – each and every time, the response time has been great and the issue has been resolved very quickly. 

Bottom line – if you are in need of a web host, I highly recommend webhost4life.

(and I’ll concede that it’s possible that an adult beverage or two may have contributed to that warm fuzzy feeling tonight . . .  :^)

I almost forgot!   If you happen to sign up, tell them I sent you by entering my account ID (chadgross) as your referrer . . .   and yes, that will result in webhost4life paying me a small commission, which will go towards the renewal fees of our usergroup site (www.gosbs.org)