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Ok, last week I posted in about using Sharepoint as a management solution, and since there was some interest I spent the last few days getting things set up in a public Sharepoint site.  The initial site is online and can be accessed via:

u:  wssdemo
p:  wssrocks!

A few notes – the site as it exists right now is extremely basic customizations, using nothing but the built-in Sharepoint lists and workspaces.  This is meant to demonstrate what kind of things you can do very quickly with Sharepoint.  As for more long-term solutions, I’m working on another site that will provide extensive use of InfoPath and other Sharepoint features such as Web Part Pages to better streamline the solution.  It’s fun to note that this example is the very tip of the iceberg – there is so much that is possible.  As I’ve been diving into Sharepoint in the last month, I’m quickly discovering that there is so much more to it, and so much more flexibility and options than I ever thought imaginable.  Now if I could just devote the time to really learn it . . .

I’ll point out that there isn’t hardly any documentation on the site yet as to how things were done.  If you have a question – post it to the Discussion List on the site, and I’ll answer it as soon as possible!


  1. Rich

    I really like you’re WSS demo Chad. I started creating a very small version of what you have but then got too busy with work and dumped the project. Curently I use MS Money 2003 to track work orders and projects. I would really like to use something like you did but I would also want the ability to have a nice printed document of the work order to give to my customer that includes labor details and costs. MS Money 2003 is very limited in how much information can be typed in. I’m a very detailed person and like to customer to know exactly what they’re paying for.

    Are you able to somehow link Outlook 2003 contacts or BCM to your WSS site? I notice that there could be a lot of repetitious typing between WSS, Outlook, and (in my case) MS Money 2003. Any way around that do you think? It would be so cool to have contact information entered in WSS and duplicated to Outlook a without typing it again.

    Again, great job. I’m looking foward to seeing how you link InfoPath with WSS. Thank you for contrbuting your knowledge to fellow consultants.

  2. Chad

    Thanks Rich – I’ve been actively working on content for the InfoPath demo, and I’m hoping that will be live in the very near future . . . that all depends on how generous the schedule is over the next few days . . . :^)

  3. Neal

    Love the Help Desk, we’re looking into something similar…actually, something exactly like what you created. How did you do it, with Frontpage ?

  4. Alexei White

    Can you tell me how I could bind sharepoint documents to specific contacts?

  5. Chad

    I’m assuming that your contacts are in Sharepoint as well? If so, go to your document library and click to Modify Columns & Settings. Create a new column for your contact, set the type to Lookup, select the list your contacts are in, and the field (column) in the Contacts list you want to link to. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to link any document in this Document Library to any contact in the Contact list you specified . .

  6. Alexei White

    Me again.

    Some of us at the office been going over your implementation and we’re impressed. I was wondering if you’d be willing to save the site as a template and let us try to implement it from that. It would save us a lot of time and we would really appreciate it!

    My email is awhite@b-ap.com.

    Thanks very much!


  7. Oliver

    I would love to check out the http://wss.gosbs.org demo site of a customised Helpdesk using SharePoint – unfortunately, the username/password does not work. Would it be possible to republish – thanks.

  8. autoresponse

    make sure to put an exclamation mark at the end of the password when you type it in. It does work!

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