For those of you who actually visit my blog via a web browser, you’ll notice that I’ve added a new link for Aaron Margosis’ blog.  Why should you be reading Aaron’s blog (if you aren’t already)?  Because it deals exclusively with running with least privileges on the desktop, which is one of my big goals for all of my clients over the next few months.  (Although I have to admit that all of my clients running Peachtree Accounting 2004 already are running with least privilege . . . another reason I prefer Peachtree to QuickBooks . . . no reg hacks necessary – it just works.  There you go Susan & Anne – want to light a fire under the Intuit gang?  Tell ’em that apparently Peachtree employes real developers who understand security, since they understand running under least privilege and encrypting credit card & social security numbers natively . . .   ;^)

Anyway – if you want to check out Aaron’s blog, you can find it here:

Or point your aggregator here for the rss feed: