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Hey all you Peachtree users . . .

You guys know all about PAWCOM from Multiware, Inc. – right?

If you’re using Peachtree (or have clients using Peachtree) and you want / need to extend it’s functionality, PAWCOM is the only way to go.  So what is it?  PAWCOM is a COM interface that let’s you connect to your Peachtree data from any COM-enabled development environment.  I’ve used this for one large on-going project with a client who had industry-specific invoicing / tracking needs, but they weren’t impressed with any of the low-end industry-specific solutions available.  We used Access 2002 to build them a custom invoicing / tracking application that uses PAWCOM to connect to their Peachtree data.  The Access solution looks up customers, inventory items, etc. from Peachtree – so there is only one set of master lists that has to be maintained.  Furthermore, all transactions are written seemlessly into the Peachtree sales journal.  Cool, huh?

And if you’re looking for any other reasons to use Peachtree, how about the fact that it runs just great in user mode without any registry hacks (unlike another popular product that shall remain nameless) . . .    :^)


  1. Susan

    Can’t imagine what an intuitive product wouldn’t run in User mode these days 😉

  2. Gregg Blundell

    Nice job Chad! Now just one more tiny step away from WSS’ing that puppy 😉 I don’t have any PT clients but I have the QB crowd and a few MYOB so looking at similar "connectors" – seeing mixed results. I say it’s solutions like yours that really enable us to add-value – esp. with SBS/WSS.

    Thanks for sharing.

    "Intuitive" – interesting choice of words there Susan 🙂


  3. Steven

    Are you building a webpart that will grab peachtree reports live?

    I need a webpart that will pull QB’s reports live. I’d prefer not to use either application but it is what it is.



  4. fxp

    Am I missing something, why would anyone lash-up a low end accounting package? For the same money as the "enhancement" you can get a better package than Peactree to do what is necessary. I have clients with Peachtree and am not impressed.

  5. Chad

    There’s a lot of reasons why PAWCOM is a good fit. First, a lot of us have a long (e.g. >10yrs) history with Peachtree, our users know it and believe it or not, we actually like it.

    PAWCOM works great where we have either very specific reporting needs (that don’t justify the time and expense of an entire accounting software conversion), or we have industry specific needs where it’s more cost effective to even spend $5k to use PAWCOM to provide that functionality versus $75k+ for the cheapest industry-specific software that does way more than you need.

  6. Madyajagane

    What Chad says is correct. Even I have developed the Peachtree Sync with Absolute retail Accounting software. And the PawCom is the easy way to transfer data from Peachtree to any other software.

    Contact : mdgnn@yahoo.com


  7. Carol Moore

    I used an earlier version of Peachtree that includes cash disburse-
    ments journal in which manual checks could be posted without
    the necessity of completing a check form. Is there any such
    program still available?

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