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Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Part 2

Ok – in part 1 of this post I asked if people wanted to take a bet as to where I would be sleeping tonight.  And the answer is . . . .   Milwaukee.  But I’m not sleeping at the airport – I’m at a hotel. 

Cal delivered Andy, Javier & I to the airport around 1 today.  Even though we were all on different airlines, amazingly enough we were all leaving from the same terminal, and adjacent gates.  Andy left first, then Javier and finally me.  Originally, I was supposed to leave at 2:50.  Well, within a few minutes of Javier leaving, I  found out that my flight was indefinitely delayed due to heavy fog in Milwaukee.  Mind you we had a plane on the ground, but nothing could land in Milwaukee.  So finally a couple hours later, we get the word that we can finally leave.  We start boarding, but that only lasted a few minutes.  See, we were flying on a regional jet, so we were just walking out to the plane.  Well, lightning moved in – which stopped all ground activity, so we went back inside and waited for another 45 minutes before we could board.  Although that could have been worse – I could have been one of the guys stuck on the plane for those 45 minutes.  So now we’re on the plane, but we have to wait for it to be fueled.  Mind you, it’s not like the plane had just been sitting there doing nothing for 3+ hrs . . .   So we finally get fueled, and push back.  We taxied for what seemed like an enternity, then the captain comes on and tells us that we were number 2 for departure, but that control decided to change runways on us – so we taxied for another eternity, sat in line and finally left the ground almost an hour after pushing back.  So, by the time we arrived in Milwaukee, I had missed my connection and every other subsequent flight to Omaha and had to rebook for tomorrow morning.  I get a hotel with internet access only to discover that the ‘high-speed’ internet connection isn’t too speedy, and that my server at home is down.  What a wonderful day this has been . . .

But in the grand scheme of things, having breakfast with Cal, Andy & Javier, and being able to visit with Javier for over an hour before he left was well worth the travel hurdles the rest of the way . . .

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  1. Nick

    Seems I have rubbed off on you 😉

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