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Event Name:     Wednesdays on the Web with TS2:
                         Conversation with a Partner

Event Date:        Wednesday, March 16th 2005

Event Time:        4:00 P.M. CST  (GMT -6:00)

Duration:            60 Minutes

Description:       Join us as we talk with Chad Gross, SBS-MVP
                         about using Windows Sharepoint Services as a
                         business application development platform to
                         increase customer satisfaction and efficiency
                         while providing additional revenue for partners.

To register for this event:  http://www.msreadiness.com/eventregister.asp?eid=1692

The challenge for me with this event is that I’m actually being constrained by a time limit.  And anyone who knows me knows that once I get started talking, it’s pretty darn difficult to get me to stop.  Case-in-point:  about a month ago I presented on WSS to the Washington, D.C. SBS Parnter Group.  I had been down ill for a few weeks leading up to this presentation, which included a 10 day stretch with no voice whatsoever.  I had only regained my voice a couple days prior, and advised everyone that I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to last.  Well, we ended up cutting it off after 3.5 hrs because it was getting late :^)

My goal with this presentation is to hopefully open some partners’ eyes.  Sharepoint is billed as a collaboration tool – and admittedly does a great job filling that role.  However, how can small businesses (and I’m talking 5-20 users) take advantage of WSS when they really don’t need it for collaboration?  I mean let’s face it – with a small office of say, 10 users all in one physical location (and many times most of which in one large room with their own desk) – you really don’t need much of an intranet / collaboration tool.  It’s just more natural to simply ask Jane what the status of xxx is versus logging on to see   :^)   What is great about WSS is that with a little imagination (and not a lot of effort) it can solve other business problems for these small clients – making them more productive, more satisfied customers – and giving the SMB partner additional customization revenues.  Want details?  Well – you’ll have to register for the event!  :^)

I did want to share that since I am pressed for time with this event, that I thought it would be appropriate to supply supporting materials.  SO – I am working to make the InfoPath version of my “Poor Man’s CRM” WSS demo available for download both as a site template and as a complete site that you can drop in and start using  :^)


  1. Niola

    Wow, sounds great but unfortunately I’m scheduled with a client that day. Will this session be archived for replay with the Q&A at a later time? Also, how do you go about obtaining the demo you mentioned?


  2. Wayne Small

    Chad – when’s the book coming? If it’s not then consider writing a Sharepoint for SBS Dummies book.

  3. Matt Mercier

    I’m searching for an e-mail from MSreadiness that would have had a link to the URL for this webinar. Would I have gotten it by now? Have I inadvertantly deleted it?

    Can someone shoot me an e-mail at matt@acapella.com with the proper URL?

    Scattered in NH 😉


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