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Poor Man’s CRM available for download

Ok – I promised I would make this available – it’s just taken a little time to get it done.

http://sharepoint.laytonflower.com     u:  wssdemo    p:   wssrocks!

The Shared Documents library has a new zip file I’ve uploaded, which contains two files – readme.doc and companywebcrm.fwp.   The readme file provides basic steps for installing Poor Man’s CRM onto a new Sharepoint site.  At this time – I only have a FrontPage backup available – which is the companywebcrm.fwp file.  As a result, you’ll need FrontPage 2003 to complete the process.  I should have a site template available in the near future as well.

This is the InfoPath version of the site, and the InfoPath forms have been updated to point to http://companywebcrm as their source for Sharepoint lists.  As a result, you’ll want the new website you create to have a host header value of companywebcrm, and also create a new alias (CNAME) record in your internal DNS for companywebcrm that points to the machine it resides on.

And don’t forget about my TS2 presentation in roughly 4 hours . . .    :^)


  1. Rich Lusk

    Chad, I followed the steps in the readme, but when I try to open the website I get the error:

    "The folder http://companywebcrm isn‘t accessible. The folder may be located in an unavailable location, protected with a password, or the filename contains a / or \."

    What should I do?

    Thank you.

  2. Rich Lusk

    Sorry I didn’t specify that the error occurs when I try to open it in Frontpage 2003.

  3. Jasminder

    Create a new alias (CNAME) record in your internal DNS for companywebcrm that points to the machine it resides on – as mentioned above in Chad’s post.

    Step 4 of the readme file should be updated to read:

    4) Open Sharepoint Administration and extend Windows Sharepoint Services to the new website you just created. And also create a new alias (CNAME) record in your internal DNS for companywebcrm that points to the machine it resides on.


  4. Rich Lusk

    I got the CNAME. I’m new to this so the instructions were not clear on how to extend Windows Sharepoint Services to the new website. I first went to SharePoint Administrator and extended it to Frontpage 2002 extensions. After I figured out that was incorrect I went to SharePoint Central Administration and extended the website.

    Thank you Chad, this will be fun to work on and a lot of help in business.

  5. Barry Mavin

    Chad, The link does not seem to accept the username/password that you gave.

  6. Joris

    I can’t download the zip file, I think your server has some problems… if I use the https://wss.gosbs.org/infopath it doesn’t work and when I put in https://wss.gosbs.org/infopath/default.aspx it shows a nice asp.net error page 😉

  7. David Cook

    Chad, I also am having no joy getting to this site. When I click on https://wss.gosbs.org/infopath”>https://wss.gosbs.org/infopath I get the "You are not authorised to view this page" error page. If i use https://wss.gosbs.org and accept the certificate I get a logon prompt. Putting in the required user/password combo get the same "you are not authorised …" page.

  8. Chad Gross

    Hi Guys – note that you will get errors and not be able to access the demo site if you try to use SSL – so be sure to use http://wss.gosbs.org/infopath


  9. Barry Mavin

    Hi Chad,

    The username/password specified is invalid. What should it be?

  10. Matt

    Chad any chance of getting access to the download – there seems to be some problem getting in to it.

    Says I’m not authorised.

    Thanks, Matt

  11. Jason Miller

    Hey Chad, I’ve been enjoying cruising around your demo sites and I’ve been picking up a lot of great ideas. Thanks.

    I’m also having particular issues opening the Infopath based site forms via your infopath demo site – seems like the site is timing out. As a test, I installed poormanCRM as you have directed in your install zip file, but I’m still experiencing errors on opening the infopath files on my systems (same errors on multiple systems).

    I followed your directions included in the doc readme file (I think!). on my //companywebcrm site, browsing the site works, lists work, but any Infopath forms blow up when I try to open them – secondary data never available when the form does manage to open.

    I’m starting to think it may be that your infopath solution requires sharepoint to be running on SQL, not on the MSDE???

    Any ideas or suggestions?



  12. sean

    this is a great idea, thanksfor the follow-up!

    I am having issues with almost all forms in the companywebcrm website, is there somethin obvious that i am missing?


  13. Ian Irwin

    Hi, I am very impressed with this and would like to set it up on our own system to evaluate whether it would work for us. However I do not have access to frontpage 2003, would it be possible for you to provide the site for download as a sharepoint site template.



  14. Rob

    When I go to the download url you have posted I just get a “parked by godaddy” page. Where can I find the Poor Man’s CRM??


  15. cgross

    Ok guys – the URL has been updated. http://sharepoint.laytonflower.com is my current demo site, which also showcases the 30 sample apps that MS published earlier this year.

  16. akalli

    can’t seem to get in with the username and password given at the top of this thread. Is your site still available for viewing?

  17. xtopia


    The url for the poor man’s CRM doesnt seem to work anymore. Is it possible to recieve a link to the downloadable files? I’d like to see how it works and if we could use it for our studio.


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