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Just another example of how Sharepoint rocks . . .

Ok, I’ve had this idea for almost nine months – and finally got around to doing something about it . . .

Last fall I got a new cousin – which is the first baby we’ve had on that side of the family in 19 years (believe it or not!)  Well, naturally little Gracyn McKenzie is getting tons of attention (and well on her way to being completely spoiled :^) . . . and she’s also finding herself in tons of pictures.  Most of my family take tons of pictures anyway – and just about everyone has a digital camera.  Which presents a whole new challenge of sharing those photos . . .

Additionally, we all enjoy cooking . . . and it seems that everyone is always on the phone trying to track someone else down to get a recipie

So, I finally got around to putting up a Sharepoint site for the fam . . .  we’ve got picture libraries for everything from holidays to just today’s pics of Gracyn.  We’ve got a recipie list for all of our favorites, grouped by category.  We’ve got a contact list for the fam – which is great with cousins in college, etc.  Only one address book to update – and everyone can update their own info.  We have a calendar with everyone’s birthdays & anniversaries on it

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  1. dale unroe

    This is a terrific idea! Can you point to some literature, or online resource for doing this? While I am a network administrator of SBS2k3, IIS & Sharepoint I only know enough to keep them going and backed up. TIA Dale

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