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Finding the Balance . . .

Technology rocks . . .   just think about what we do with technology every day:  If you’re like me and running SBS both at home & the office, you’re never out of touch.  Remote desktop access from anywhere to anything I need, and access to almost all of my clients.  Health alerts delivered to my email and cell phone.  Sharepoint sites to streamline internal processes, communicate with customers and even share photos, files and recipies with the extended family.

But the problem with the wonders of technology is that it can get a little overwhelming.  As a matter of fact, it can gradually sneak up on you and start to suck the very life out of you :^)  And this can happen to anyone, including yours truly.

About six weeks ago, I started noticing a few tell-tale signs that I had been over-extending myself a little too much – primarily mood swings and that caffeine was actually putting me to sleep.  So it was time to take drastic measures and bring everything back into balance.  So I unsubscribed from each and every mailing list I was on and instantly dropped my daily email count from several hundred messages to a couple dozen.  I stopped blogging and posting to the newsgroups.  And believe it or not – I’ve forced myself to keep a 40hr work week, and even went several weeks where I left my laptop in my bag in the car – yep, I abstained from technology when I wasn’t in the office.  Ok, ok – so that isn’t 100% true . . .  I’ve made extensive use of my ReplayTV – and bonded with my recliner in the process :^)

So yes – technology rocks, and we have a lot of exciting stuff going on with SBS SP1, WSUS finally here, etc.  But in the end, remember to unplug every now and then and take care of yourselves . . . .  ya hear?   ;^)

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  1. Mark Mulvany


    Could not agree with you more, even back in Ireland where some people still think we have leprechauns and sheelaighs we manage to suffer a bit of technology burnout.

    My tell tale burnout sign happens to be when I start using the laptop in the living room watching TV I know it’s time to pull back.

    Regards Mark

    Hope to see everyone again at SMB Nation this year

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