. . . because the highlight of my trip so far has been the gas mileage I got on my drive to Minneapolis.  What? Minneapolis you ask?  Yep – I’m working on that whole ‘balance’ concept . . .   I have a close friend from college who is getting married Saturday, but we have SMB Nation this weekend.  SO – I drove the 400 miles up to Minneapolis (where I’m waiting for my flight to board now) to fly out to Seattle for SMB Nation.  I’m giving my InfoPath & Sharepoint session Friday afternoon, then I catch an early flight back to MSP Saturday morning which gives me a little over 90 minutes from when I’m scheduled to land until the bride is walking down the aisle . . .   And yes, this itinerary was approved by the bride beforehand.  In her own words – ‘as long as you can land at least an hour before the ceremony you’ll be fine.  Come on – it’s not like I’m Bridezilla or something  ;^)’

So anyway – the gas mileage – just over 29 MPG – and I made the entire trip on a single tank of gas (with a quarter tank left).  I probably could have hit 31 or 32 MPG if I hadn’t been in as much of a hurry  ;^)

And my luck continues – I actually found a seat at my gate with a power outlet – so no sitting on the floor killing my back, or using up my battery before we’re in the air  :^)