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Goodbye HP . . .

I think I might be at a point where I will never sell another HP laser printer again.


Recently (since early this year), we’ve been selling Okidata color laser printers.  We have a couple customers with C7350n units, and a few more with C5150n units (we’re using the 5150 ourselves) and everyone has been thoroughly pleased.  Well, we just ordered our first B&W Okidata laser printer for a client – a B6300n.  I installed this thing and was immediately impressed.  Power-on to Ready to Print in under 5 seconds.  And it prints so fast – not only PPM speed, but just as important a very low time to first print (official number is under 9 seconds – but so far I’ve seen it around 3 seconds).

We currently have an HP 4250tn in our office – and I have to admit that the Oki B6300n is every bit as much the printer as the HP 4250tn.  The 4250tn does have a higher sheet capacity than the Oki – (1,000 vs 700), and is has a higher PPM rating (45ppm vs 35ppm).  But for the average small business environment, the difference isn’t even noticeable.  What is noticeable is the price difference:  $1,499 for the 4250tn  versus  $839 for the B6300n

So going forward – I’m recommending the Oki printers for our customers when they ask . . .


  1. Gordon Carlisle


    Can you comment on service and reliability. I’ve always sold HP becasue they are easy to get serviced from local printer repair companies. What experience have you had with Oki?

  2. David

    I agree. HPs are easier to fix and easy to get parts for.

  3. Andrew

    We’ve had an Oki 4200n (slightly slower brother of the 4300n) for about a year now (replaced two busted HP 4000’s) and I agree with Chad, it’s an amazing machine!

    The toners aren’t very big, but it’s not a large group printer, so that’s fine. It’s much more capable than the 4000’s and has a fantastic array of admin options!

  4. AnonymousDog

    Yep. HP’s have slowly become cheap junk with steadily shrinking (in output volume) but increasingly expensive consumables. They’ve been banking on the reputation they built with LJ5Si, LJ4+ and LJ5 machines for several years now. Meanwhile, they stay on top only due to that reputation despite the declining quality of new products.
    Recently I’ve been (successfully) encouraging some of my customers to buy used LJ4/5s refurbed by a local authorized shop b/c they’re $250 with MIO and work without complaint (unlike their fussy younger siblings). Plus they’re assembled with screws instead of little snappy clips and force-it-apart housings. That shop just got a shipment of 200 used LJ5’s too…I’m set for a while.
    I too have been impressed with the color OKI we have in the office (C5300). It also prints on amazingly thick stock (that no one else comes close to handling). The networking and admin functions work as advertised, and toner replacement only replaces the powder cartridge, not the platen…unless you want it…nice option.

  5. JSmith

    I want to purchase Okidata’s b6300n to be the workhorses on my network. Does anyone know if they work on a Network running Windows 2003 Server and Terminal Services? Okidata says “probably”, because they are Windows 2003 server compatible. They just aren’t sure if they will operate properly in the terminal services enviornment.

    Is anyone out there running them this way?

  6. MrJohnson

    I too have been moving away from the HP 4250s and have had some luck moving the Oki’s with no real complaints. I’ve also been having some recent luck with Xerox’s Phaser 3500…anyone else been thinking of moving toward more Xerox offerings? Would love to hear yours and customers feedback if anyone has any….

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