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Those dirty, rotten, bastages . . .

So, as many people know, New Year’s Eve was my 30th birthday.  Well, my parents wanted to take me out to dinner, and my aunt and uncle were going to come along since my aunt’s 50th birthday was a week ago, but she was sick at the time and didn’t do anything for her birthday.  We were meeting at my aunt & uncle’s house around 6:30 – and I figured with it being New Year’s Eve, we probably wouldn’t be done eating much before 9 – then maybe just do whatever the rest of night.  (Which translated means go home, settle into my recliner and watch tv ).

I was out and about that afternoon, so I decided to just head over to my aunt & uncle’s early – so I got there around 5.  Well at about 6:30 the front door opens and Steve (one of my biz partners) walks in and I discover that there’s actually a suprise birthday party for me . . .    But make no mistake – this wasn’t your typical surprise party . . .  no sir  –  this was a kick ass rolling surprise party .  You see, Amy & Steve rented *the* limBUSine from VIP Limo here in town . . .    yep – a charter bus decked out as a limo – leather couches, hardwood floors, laser lights, full A/V (including a 52″ LCD TV mounted on the back wall), coolers, a restroom and capacity for up to 40 people:

SO – I walked outside, got on the bus and found a few familiar faces – besides Amy & Steve, we also had Jeremy (our account manager) and his wife, two friends of theirs and Kasey – my best friend from high school.  My aunt, uncle, and cousins got on the bus and we made our way through southwest Iowa – stopping to pick up my parents, brothers, a few more cousins, as well as a few more friends from high school and college.  We eventually made our way to one of my favorite restaurants – The Redwoods Steak House in Anita, IA.  This is one of those old-fashioned steak houses that has been around forever, and most times you’re full before your meal ever comes thanks to the huge relish trays, pickled herring, warm fresh bread and the absolute BEST onion rings anywhere.  After dinner, we made our way back to Walnut (where I grew up & my parents still live) and stopped in to Glenn’s Pub where I ran into some other old friends and classmates from high school.

The highlight of Glenn’s (for everyone else anyway) involved my birthday cake – a.k.a the boob cake (you can use your imagination ).  Well, it started with someone wanting a picture of me with the cake, and ended with my face being pushed firmly into the cake . . .  so there are a number of pictures now of my face completely covered with frosting . . .  I cleaned up best I could, but it was so bad that when I finally did get home around 2:30 – I had to take a shower before I went to bed to get the then dried frosting out of my hair, and my ears, and . . .

Anyway – as midnight approached we got back on the bus for champagne and never made it back in the bar before we started our retrun trip.  All in all it was a great night . . .  the limbusine absolutely rocks, and was perfect – it was very comfortable, big enough for everyone to move around, with the on-board A/V we had our own entertainment (including a DVD of pictures of me growing up that my mom & my aunt put together, and music from mix CDs that Amy burned), and the coolers were strategically placed so that a nice, ice-cold adult beverage was always within reach .  I’m thinking about suggesting this becomes a New Year’s tradition . . .


  1. Amy Luby

    Groove is in the heart…

  2. happyfunboy

    hey man…just make sure that absentee ballots are part of the voting process for making a limbusine party an annual event there at mobitech.

    you know the rest of us will *totally* commit all kinds of voter fraud to help make it happen. 😉

    and congrats on the big 3-0! here’s hoping you get another couple of batches of 30 years under your belt here on terra firma.

  3. Sparkey

    Well, I guess you’ve got to have some kind of entertainment if you’re stuck in the cornfields of Iowa…. don’t even get me started on the subject of midwesterners being allowed to vote.

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