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SBS, SSL Certs and Verizon’s Treo 700w

So, there has been a decent amount of rumblings about the new Palm Treo 700w from Verizon Wireless (running Windows Mobile 5.0) – and it’s apparent inability to sync with SBS.

Sean has a good post outlining how Windows Mobile 5.0 has changed how it handles certificates.  The good news is that if you’re using self-signed certificates with your SBS, you can get your Treo 700w to sync wirelessly with your Exchange server.  As proof, I just did this myself – configured a new 700w for one of our internal users to sync with our SBS, and we’re using a self-signed certificate.

The trick is to install both your self-signed certificate ( <A href="file://\\\\<your_sbs\ClientApps\SBSCert ) AND your CA certificate (publishing.company.local –  check out  <A href="file://\\\CertEnroll”>\\<your_sbs>\CertEnroll ).  Copy these two .cer files to your device using ActiveSync.  Then on your device, use FileExplorer to browse to the folder where you copied the certs, and double-click to install each.  Voila!  You’re good to go . . .

Now, there has been some talk that WM5 doesn’t trust as many Certification Authorities (CAs) as regular ol’ Windows.  As a result, if you have purchased an SSL cert from a CA, there is a chance that CA may not be trusted by WM5.  In that case, you’re not going to be able to sync with your Exchange, since you won’t have access to the CA cert to manually install it on your WM5 device.  However, you could always convert to a self-signed cert and get it to work that way


  1. Jamie Jamison

    Chad, you rock! Thanks for posting this, and I will look forward to using the info. I would not have thought to install the publishing cert, too.

  2. Robert

    this is a great post. i couldn’t understand what you mean by \\servername\ClientApps\SBSCert and \CertEnroll”>\\\CertEnroll.

    Are those folder locations or registry settings. I have searched my server up and down and can’t find where that location is.

  3. Scott Cayouette


    Great stuff! Just a small question I am wondering about the 2nd .CER file you mention when you say “CA certificate (publishing.company.local – check out \CertEnroll”>\\\CertEnroll ). ” I know wehre the BS Cert file is but this one is harder to find…could you further explain the location of this 2nd CER file? Please!

    Scott From Fort Lauderdale
    South FLorida SBS Group Moderator and 2 time SMB Nation Attendee

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