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Why the Treo 700w has already paid for itself

So late Thursday afternoon we got our first Treo 700w and I configured it for our network.  I saw it was sync’ing wirelessly with Exchange, and left it at that.  It isn’t my phone (I know, I know – I’ve got to get a couple more months out of mine before I upgrade – which just hurts).  Anyway – since it isn’t my phone, I didn’t take a look at what all it was synchronizing.  Taking a closer look Friday afternoon, I discovered that not only had it synchronized Amy’s contacts in her Exchange mailbox, it had also synchronized all of our contacts from CRM 3.0!  No special configuration, nothing – they’re just there.  I’ve gotta give kudos to the WM5 team, or the CRM team, or both – because that just ROCKS!

Now there is a mobile client for CRM 3 in the works that will give you access to additional CRM info on your WM5 device – it just hasn’t been released yet.  But I’ve gotta tell ya, having CRM contact info sync automatically is killer . . .  


  1. Vince Tinnirello


    Who is your carrier? Is this doing direct push or the SMS deal that tells the phone to run ActiveSync?

  2. SBSRocks !!!


    Thanks for the informational post. I have been deciding between the 700w and the MotoQ with Verizon. I am also leaning toward the Cingular 2125 (the audiovox/smt 5600 update). I have yet to configure the smartphone sync with exchange. However, I have read extensively on the process etc. Is their a way to turn off sync on the handheld like say when you travel abroad? I would like to use the usb/cable or bluetooth sync to laptop via laptop internet connection while traveling outside US. Basically dumb down to the old pda style sync.

    Any knowledge or pointers would be appreciated.


  3. Gavin


    Where are the CRM contacts showing up? We’re using WM 5.0 devices as well, and the ONLY CRM contacts that are synchronized are the ones which are in our Outlook Contacts anyway.


  4. Rich Lusk

    Chad have you run across any problems with the Treo 700w locking up with the screen blacked out when it’s set to automatically sync with Exchange Server? I’m on my 2nd Treo with the same problem. Talked to Palm for over an hour and they are sending info to their engineers. Checked posts in Treo groups and seems others are having issues as well. The issue does not occur if I set it to manual sync with Exchange.

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