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The Mobilize SMB Tour . . .

Here at Mobitech, we started engaging in Managed Services a few years ago, and have learned a lot of valuable lessons while migrating our business to this new model.  Last year, we started the SMB Managed Services Yahoo! Group to provide a resource for SMB VARs who are looking at moving their businesses into a Managed Services model.  In 2006, we’re expanding on that effort with our Mobilize SMB© Tour:

Mobilize SMB©: Taking the SMB Community to the Next Level

Coming to a city near you!  This half day workshop will provide the information and support you need as an SMB IT solution provider to help you build a solid SMB Managed Services Business Model.

What are the pitfalls to avoid?
How do I pay my technicians under this model?
How do I know how many technicians I need in this new model?
What are the stages in moving into a Managed Service Model?
How will this affect my vendor relationships?
How do I measure, and why does it matter what my technician utilization rates are?
How do I sell managed services?
How do I construct my service level agreements?
Who wants these services?
What or who is my competition and how are they doing managed services?
Are there any vendors out there that understand my business?
What tools are available?
What skills do I need?

June 5 Chicago, IL  To register click here

June 7 Detroit, MI  To register click here 

June 9 Cincinnati, OH  To register click here

June 12 Louisville, KY  To register click here 

June 14 Atlanta, GA  To register click here

June 20 Tampa, FL  To register click here

This first leg is targeting the eastern US – but have no fear, we are planning on hitting the west coast in August and September.  Those dates are still being finalized, but we’ll let you know as soon as those are available . . .

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