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Month: November 2006

Killing off the comments

I hate to do this – but for the time being I’ve disabled all comments on the blog.  As much as I enjoy the small number of legitimate comments that I get from everyone, I’m losing the spam war and need some time to regroup.  Over the last 6 weeks I’ve received no less than 3,500 comments . . .  of which exactly 12 were legitimate and published.  The rest is spam junk – and at a ratio of almost 300 spam comments for every real comment, it’s just too much.  I’m already spending too much time as it is every day deleting the junk.

So bear with me – I’m hoping to eventually be able to re-enable comments in the future.  And if you have something you want to share, please feel free to use the contact link on the blog to send me an email.