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Unexpected Behavior with AutoPCC in Trend C/S/M 3.6

Ok, so that isn’t exactly a witty title for this post – but it does get to the point  smile_regular  

I’m a big fan of Trend Micro – have been since the SBS 4.5 days.  As a force of habit, when we’re rolling out a new network I always add a call to Trend’s AutoPCC utility in our default login script, which will ensure that the Trend client gets installed when new machines are joined to the domain.  While there really isn’t much benefit of leaving this entry in the login script after Trend has been deployed – I’ll admit that I have a tendency to be a bit lazy and leave it there just to save a few clicks when we’re adding new machies to a network.

Historically, there hasn’t been an issue with leaving the call to AutoPCC in the login script – you’d get the occassional restart of the Trend services on the client during login, but that was about it.  Recently, we’ve started going through the process of upgrading our clients to Trend’s Client/Server/Messaging Security 3.6 which includes support for Microsoft Vista.  A day or two after upgrading one particular client, we received a call from a user indicating they were getting a warning message on their PC.  The warning message was the Windows Security Center indicating that Anti-Virus wasn’t running.  I quickly determined that the Trend services were stopped – and naturally starting them resolved the issue.

The real surprise was when I logged in to the Trend console to verify this workstation was back online, I discovered that approximately 75% of their PCs were showing offline.  I soon discovered that the Trend services were stopped on each workstation that was showing offline, and starting the services brought them back.   Working on one of the PCs, I witnessed that the during logon, the login script was calling the AutoPCC utility – which was stopping the Trend services – but more often than not when AutoPCC completed, the services were not restarted. 

I’ve seen this behavior consistently across all of our customer sites that we have upgraded to CSM 3.6 – it seems to affect all PCs eventually, and I’ve been seeing anywhere from 25 – 75% of the PCs offline in the Trend console with local services stopped at any given time.  We never saw this with CSM 3.5 or prior.  In the mean time, we’ve resolved the issue by just removing the call to AutoPCC from the login script since we really don’t need it there any more.

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  1. Jason Benway

    How is C/S/M different than officescan enterprise?
    I’m running officescan and the current version is 7.3 which doesn’t support vista. They do have a beta version of officescan that supports vista, but I’m not running a beta product for two machines.

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