Yes, I know – I have an uncanny ability to create more work for myself without even trying.  Although I think it is almost time to step back and get some help for my problem . . .

Hi – my name is Chad, and I’m a Do-It-Yourself-aholic. 

:^)  Seriously – I’m pretty sure that it has something to do with me being a control freak with a tendency to micro-manage everything . . . I just prefer to do things myself.  I realize that it isn’t necessarily always better that way, but I never claimed to be smart  . . .  :^)

So anyway – back to my fun-filled weekend.  I’ve decided that I needed to redo one of my bedrooms – ok, ok – so Mother Nature decided I needed to redo one of my bedrooms.  I had some water damage (and no, it is not a result of my ‘Oh Stormy Night’ post – this was present when I bought the house) on the ceiling, and it was sagging just a bit.  Well, I decided I was going to tear down the old ceiling and put a new one up.  Yeah, go ahead and color me stupid.  Anyway, I had my brother help me tear down the plaster ceiling previously (older home – built in 1940) – but we didn’t mess with any of the lathe.  So this weekend was when we tore down the lathes and a good 10” of blown-in insulation came down as well . . . what a freakin mess!  Anyway, we got the rest of the ceiling down, the mess cleaned up and hauled off, put a new junction box in that will support the ceiling fan I want to put in, and re-insulated.  Now all I have to do is drywall the ceiling . . . and texture it . . . and patch some rough areas in the plaster walls . . . and paint . . . and refinish the hard wood floor & woodwork . . .    Just don’t ask me when this is all going to get done  :^)

Oh yeah – did I mention that I’m also painting my house this summer?

Anyone out there who can remind me just why I thought I wanted to be a home owner???