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Why the Treo 700w has already paid for itself

So late Thursday afternoon we got our first Treo 700w and I configured it for our network.  I saw it was sync’ing wirelessly with Exchange, and left it at that.  It isn’t my phone (I know, I know – I’ve got to get a couple more months out of mine before I upgrade – which just hurts).  Anyway – since it isn’t my phone, I didn’t take a look at what all it was synchronizing.  Taking a closer look Friday afternoon, I discovered that not only had it synchronized Amy’s contacts in her Exchange mailbox, it had also synchronized all of our contacts from CRM 3.0!  No special configuration, nothing – they’re just there.  I’ve gotta give kudos to the WM5 team, or the CRM team, or both – because that just ROCKS!

Now there is a mobile client for CRM 3 in the works that will give you access to additional CRM info on your WM5 device – it just hasn’t been released yet.  But I’ve gotta tell ya, having CRM contact info sync automatically is killer . . .  

Repairing Office 2003

So, have you ever wondered how Microsoft Office 2003 determines if it needs to repair itself when you run Detect & Repair? 

“A new spreadsheet, Office 2003 Keypaths.xls, is available now in the Office 2003 Resource Kit. This spreadsheet documents the keypaths for each Office feature, listing the feature name, component name and ID, the folder into which the component is installed, and the keypath associated with the component.”


CRM 3.0 RTMs!

So I’m at the CRM 3.0 Roadshow in Kansas City today, and they just announced that CRM 3.0 RTM’d today – and they are planning for Dec 1st availability . . .   woo hoo!

I loaded CRM 3.0 this weekend and have started playing with it.  We’re hoping to upgrade our 1.2 implementation as soon as possible (granted, data migration is not officially supported from beta 3 to the final product).  I’m really looking forward to the technical deep dive and customization focus this afternoon . . . 

MSN Search Bar

I’m a long-time user of LookOut! (ok, ok – so addict is probably a more accurate description ;^).  As I’m sure many of you know, Microsoft bought LookOut last year, and are incorporating that technology into their search efforts.  As a result, the LookOut! tool I’m used to is soon to be replaced by the new MSN Search bar.  SO – I decided to download and install the MSN Search Toolbar and see how it works.  It is safe to say that I’m a relative newbie to search bars – I used the google search bar at one point in time, but I haven’t used it in about 18 months.

Short story is that after a few days, so far I like it – some improvements over LookOut include the ability to preview items that search has found.  This really rocks when you have multiple hits that could potentially be what you’re looking for – it’s much faster than having to open each item individually.  The other cool feature is the ability to preview Office documents – select an Excel file and you can see the contents, including multiple worksheets – way cool.

On top of all of that – the coolest feature I’ve found is the ability to define custom shortcuts for the desktop search bar.  I like to keep my desktop pretty clean – so being able to define shortcuts to apps is great.  But the coolest thing I’ve found so far is the ability to define search shortcuts with variables.  Case in point:  I have a few sites that I either using to search, or searching the contents on a regular basis.  Being able to define my own shortcuts with variables greatly improves my efficiency.  For example, I search google groups fairly frequently – and that is almost always looking for stuff related to SBS.  In the past, I had a favorite entry for the google groups advanced search page, but I’d still have to enter my search string and the groups I wanted to search.  Not any more.  Now I just type in sbs followed by my search string in the MSN desktop search bar and voila!  So what are the search shortcuts I’ve created so far?





Obviously, the syntax for creating your own shortcuts for the desktop bar is @ followed by your shortcut text (e.g. ‘sbs’), followed by a comma, which is followed by your URL.  To use a variable, insert a dollar sign followed by a w ($w).  The MSN desktop bar will replace the $w with whatever you enter after the search shortcut.  SO, if I wanted to search any usenet group containing sbs in its name for “SP1”, all I have to enter into my MSN desktop search bar is    sbs SP1    pretty cool, huh? 

event 1021  searches eventid.net for event 1021,
mvp isa  searches msmvps.com for isa,  and
kb sbcore   searches the Microsoft knowledge base for sbcore

I’ve got some more playing to do – but so far I’m liking the MSN Search Toolbar  :^)

WOW! It’s Christmas in August on the Microsoft Download Site . . .

A load of application templates for WSS hit the MS Download site today:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Competitive Intelligence

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Project Team Management

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Board of Directors:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Helpdesk Dashboard:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  IT Developer:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Employee Training:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Marketing Communications Campaign Site:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Employee Scheduling:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Legal Document Review:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Classroom Management:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Meeting Management:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Change Management:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Loan Initiation Management:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Professional Services Contractual Setup:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  HR InfoPath Forms:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  RFP Management:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Event Planning:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Expense Report Portal:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Room and Equipment:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Employee Activities:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Public Official Activity:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Travel Request Portal:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Publication Review:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  New Product Development:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Case Work Management:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Public Relations Work:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Recruiting Center:

Windows Sharepoint Services Application Template:  Professional Services Resourcing:

Using Excel 2003 to Manage Project Sites with Windows Sharepoint Services:

I *LOVE* New Web Parts . . .

I saw that this just hit the download site today:

Microsoft Office LiveMeeting 2005 Web Parts

The Live Meeting 2005 Web Parts integrate Live Meeting with SharePoint (both Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server) to aggregate information together within a single portal so that teams can interact more effectively.

By integrating with Live Meeting Portal, users can seamlessly view their upcoming Live Meetings or recently made recordings without having to log-in or remember any passwords. Not only do the web parts provide a view into Live Meeting from SharePoint, but they also allow a user to conveniently publish meetings and recording into a shared event calendar, so that team members can interact more effectively by having everything in one place.


Redecorating a bit…

So, with the new tablet, I thought I might as well shake things up a bit and look at trying out a few new apps.  Previously, I had been using Sharp Reader to track all of my RSS Feeds.  Well, it has been acting kinda funny lately (which admittedly could have just been my laptop as much as the app), but I decided to try something new.  I downloaded and installed FeedReader, and so far I really like it – clean, light & simple, but it still has a few nice features such as Smart Views, which ave like Search Folders in Outlook 2003.

Tablet PCs Rock!!!

Ok-so it was time to finally retire my old laptop.  After 3 years of daily use and travel with me everywhere I went, my poor Dell Inspiron 8200 had lived a good life, and was starting to show its age.  So out with the old and in with the new… 

So, what exactly is the ‘new’? 

Acer Travel Mate C314XMi Tablet PC
2.0 GHz Intel Pentium M
100 GB HD
14.1″ Display
4 in 1 Card Reader
 Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth

I’ve realized just how much junk I had on my old laptop now that I’ve got to reinstall all of my apps and move all way data.  So far there are 3 bigthings that I’ve noticed moving from my old laptop to this new one:  It is considerably thinner and lighter, it has almost double the battery life, and it’s so nice finally having USB 2.0

Now its just a matter of making sure that I’m getting the most out of the Tablet functionality.  So-all you tablet users out there-what are your favorite tips, tricks and/or add-ons for working with your tablet PC?

SMB Technology Network

Susan has already blogged about this – but I wanted to make a point of mentioning it as well.  In just about a month, I’ll be in sunny southern California for the first ever SMB Technology Network Summer Conference!  I’m still preparing for it, but I think it’s a safe bet that I’ll be talking a lot about Sharepoint that weekend.  So, if you’re interested – go ahead and register, and I’ll see you there!

The SMB Technology Network® has opened registration for its Summer Conference 2005 to be held July 14-16, 2005 at Embassy Suites in Buena Park, CA. The goal of the event is to expose attendees to knowledge, products, and services that can either make them money or reduce their costs on Monday morning.

To register, go to http://www.clicktoattend.com/?id=103185.
We have a number of terrific speakers lined up, including

    • Harry Brelsford, noted author on SBS and SMB Consulting, presenting his 4-hour workshop on “Building the SMB Franchise” (a $99 value).
    • Susan Bradley, SBS-MVP
    • Chad Gross, SBS-MVP

We will also have a number of sponsors presenting and exhibiting, including:

    • Veritas
    • SonicWALL
    • Level Platforms
    • AutoTask
    • more to come…

The Embassy Suites in Buena Park is located within walking distance of Knott’s Berry Farm, Movieland Wax Museum, and Medieval Times. Disneyland is just a 15 minute drive. The hotel provides complimentary shuttle service to both Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland. Embassy Suites is offering us their spacious, two room suites on a first-come, first-serve basis at a price of $129 per night. There are also many other hotels in the area, if you prefer to stay elsewhere. For reservations, call 1-800-EMBASSY and ask for the “SMB Tech” rate.

The cost for this three-day event which includes admission to all events, including Harry Brelsford’s 4-hour “Building the SMB Franchise” workshop on Thursday evening (valued at $99), presentations by Susan Bradley, Chad Gross and a host of SMB vendors, admission to the exhibitor area, complimentary breakfast and lunch on July 15th, as well as, breakfast on July 16th, is $179 for SMBTN members and $199 for non-members.

Members         $179
Non-members     $199

To register, go to
You will be billed by PayPal within 48 hours of registration.

Jim Locke
SMB Technology Network®

Just another example of how Sharepoint rocks . . .

Ok, I’ve had this idea for almost nine months – and finally got around to doing something about it . . .

Last fall I got a new cousin – which is the first baby we’ve had on that side of the family in 19 years (believe it or not!)  Well, naturally little Gracyn McKenzie is getting tons of attention (and well on her way to being completely spoiled :^) . . . and she’s also finding herself in tons of pictures.  Most of my family take tons of pictures anyway – and just about everyone has a digital camera.  Which presents a whole new challenge of sharing those photos . . .

Additionally, we all enjoy cooking . . . and it seems that everyone is always on the phone trying to track someone else down to get a recipie

So, I finally got around to putting up a Sharepoint site for the fam . . .  we’ve got picture libraries for everything from holidays to just today’s pics of Gracyn.  We’ve got a recipie list for all of our favorites, grouped by category.  We’ve got a contact list for the fam – which is great with cousins in college, etc.  Only one address book to update – and everyone can update their own info.  We have a calendar with everyone’s birthdays & anniversaries on it

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