Live SkyDrive Storage

All of a sudden, today, when i logged into my SkyDrive space, to my surprise, i realised that the space allocated per user is doubled and now each user is allowed upto 1 GB of storage limit on Microsoft’s shared server. Isn’t it awesome??? for me this is a pleasant  surprise. Now, that i can share my files upto 1GB size with my clients.

C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Properties}-Part2

Property of the class can be considered as the mechanism of accessing the private variables of the class. In other words, properties act as wrappers to the private variables. Though, the new feature related to this is not so great from the point of technology, but highly meaningful from the developer point of view. In a large class code, having many fields and exposed as Properties, it is really difficult to remember the private fields association with the respective definition of properties. The new feature of Properties in C# 3.0 language specification says that the developer doesn’t require to define … Continue reading C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Properties}-Part2