Strange caution by Google

Today, while searching googling for some information, the above got my attention. Did you see any thing strange in the above ?? I couldn’t understand how the google came to a conclusion that the website, ASPALLIANCE.COM, will harm the visitor’s computer. Please help me if any of the world are aware of this .. or an clue about how this caution arise with ASPALLIANCE.COM

Silverlight Podcasts

Sparkling client is a podcast about Silverlight and other RIA technologies. If you’re interested in learning how to write great websites that use Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, and others, give us a listen. If you would like professional advice in these areas, see the company we founded at The above is the definition from Sparkling Client website. I personally liked all of the podcasts. Must for every Siliverlight developer.   Did you?

Microsoft – Night School

All these days, only the government officials are encouraging every individual to become as literate. If any individual couldn’t able to attend the school in their childhood, they are conducting classes during evening hours at different places, so that the elderly people can go there during their evening time and can learn to read.   In fact, this new is not a new thing.. but the point is that .. Microsoft is conducting such kind of events with the local partners of Australia. Isn’t strange.. There are 3 tracks as an initiative. 1) SharePoint training for Team Leaders Home Page … Continue reading Microsoft – Night School

IE 8 Beta1 and SL2.0 – Today

Today, I’ve downloaded IE8 beta 1 as well as Silverlight 2.0 installed on my laptop. This day have seen many products released at Mix 08 by great personalities like Scott Guthrie,  Bob Familiar, Guy Burstein, IEBlog, etc. According to Jane Kim at an interview for Mix08, Activities and WebSlices are two of the most exciting new features in IE8. Apart of IE8.0 and SL2.0, there are other products such as Expression Blend 2.5 March CTP Expression Web 2 Beta Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for VS2008 I’ve downloaded all these .. and am trying out one by one .. what about … Continue reading IE 8 Beta1 and SL2.0 – Today

Douglas Crockford talk about WEB

This is a nice talk about how the web evolved and where it should have been as of this day. According to Douglas Crocford, instead of progressing into new technology, we are degrading our technology into where it all started. Shocking !!! isn’t it !!! .. listen to him from his own voice. Am convinced with his idea, and certain facts that he is mentioning about are REAL. According to him, we are doing research on the great thoughts that are published way back in the history by many great scholars. This is the first time am giving attention to … Continue reading Douglas Crockford talk about WEB