What’s new in .NET

Currently, we see version 4 of .NET Framework is the hot topic. It all started with v1.0 during 2003 and have seen various version changes, such as v1.1, v2.0, v3.0 and v3.5. But what’s new in every version? You might start comparing each version directly with its predecessor.

Did we ever thought interms of the need of the new version? (or) What makes new version much a mandatory for the application to start using them?

Jerry D. Miller, a .Net Developer from Austin, Tx, has a different perspective about the new version of .NET. He says that the new thing about every version is not just the feature set, but the Functional Programming.  Yes, I too felt this. But could not give a shape to this idea. He has written a detailed article about this concept at MSDN. A worth reading article under the tag line of “Patterns in Practice”

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