Differed Execution (vs) Immediate execution in LINQ

Recently while understanding LINQ, many things unfurled from MSDN. The main theme of .NET is lazy binding (or) lazy loading. And it is evolving in all the ways within the .net Framework. I recollect in one of my previous posts about the mainly concentrated theme for every version that is released. I could be wrong from the insider perspective, but what I’ve observed is what I’ve written. Anyhow, coming back to the main purpose of this post, which is all about the lazy loading and the point behind various execution mechanisms that are available within LINQ. Before I proceed further, … Continue reading Differed Execution (vs) Immediate execution in LINQ

C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Properties}-Part2

Property of the class can be considered as the mechanism of accessing the private variables of the class. In other words, properties act as wrappers to the private variables. Though, the new feature related to this is not so great from the point of technology, but highly meaningful from the developer point of view. In a large class code, having many fields and exposed as Properties, it is really difficult to remember the private fields association with the respective definition of properties. The new feature of Properties in C# 3.0 language specification says that the developer doesn’t require to define … Continue reading C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Properties}-Part2

C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Implicit}-Part1

Recent development in my technical life is that, started working out with Orcas Beta 2. So, thought to blog about the latest happenings with C# language. The idea emerged to start a series of posts related to C# new features. This is the first of ever such kind of blogging specific to a topic. C# 3.0 has many-a-new features. To start with, let me take a concept of Implicitly Typed Variables. Implicitly Typed Variables In the good old days, the developer has to worry about the type of the variable. Say for instance, whether to use long or double for … Continue reading C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Implicit}-Part1

Runtime Polymorphism

One of the frequently seen situations from a technical standpoint in a large scale of Business Layer objects is, invoking methods from different objects when they contain same method name. Today, am going to make it simple to give an example for Runtime Polymorphism. Leave your comments if am mistaken At this stage, I don’t think to mention about “Polymorphism”, as hope that you are aware of how polymorphic behavior can be fused using C#. If you want a start up, in simple words, implementation of one Method with many definitions, as mentioned below. class Employee{/// <summary>/// Invoked for the … Continue reading Runtime Polymorphism

Microsoft Test Automation User Group – MTAUG.net

A new user group that is taking into shape, specially for the teams that involve software testing. You can get to know more about this user group from http://mtaug.net or get onto http://groups.msn.com/mtaug This group is going to be functioning in parallel with “Hyderabad .NET User Group“, http://muag.net or http://groups.msn.com/dotNETUserGroupHyd   Tomorrow, 20th July 2007, is going to be the launch of the group. Am going to be there as a speaker for C# 3.0 fundamentals.. are you ?