EntLib 5.0 & Unity 2.0 Release Dates

Am a big favorite of EntLib. I started using this from v1.1 during June 2005. The good thing from the latest version is that they are not adding any more blocks, on top of it they are removing some unwanted code. They are targeting to release this by 14th of April after 2days of VS2010.

Go – an Old wine from Google

Google is coming out with a new programming language with title as “GO” and the tag line for this programming language is, “a systems programming language…” In my first impression all that got to my mind is that, most of the concepts are taken from programming languages like C and other few more features like GC from current world’s programming languages. The 1Hr talk by Rob is posted on YouTube. Interesting.. After going thru the entire presentation, all it struck to my mind is the title of this post. What about you?

Silverlight Podcasts

Sparkling client is a podcast about Silverlight and other RIA technologies. If you’re interested in learning how to write great websites that use Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, and others, give us a listen. If you would like professional advice in these areas, see the company we founded at www.silverbaylabs.org The above is the definition from Sparkling Client website. I personally liked all of the podcasts. Must for every Siliverlight developer.   Did you?

Microsoft – Night School

All these days, only the government officials are encouraging every individual to become as literate. If any individual couldn’t able to attend the school in their childhood, they are conducting classes during evening hours at different places, so that the elderly people can go there during their evening time and can learn to read.   In fact, this new is not a new thing.. but the point is that .. Microsoft is conducting such kind of events with the local partners of Australia. Isn’t strange.. There are 3 tracks as an initiative. 1) SharePoint training for Team Leaders Home Page … Continue reading Microsoft – Night School

Douglas Crockford talk about WEB

This is a nice talk about how the web evolved and where it should have been as of this day. According to Douglas Crocford, instead of progressing into new technology, we are degrading our technology into where it all started. Shocking !!! isn’t it !!! .. listen to him from his own voice. Am convinced with his idea, and certain facts that he is mentioning about are REAL. According to him, we are doing research on the great thoughts that are published way back in the history by many great scholars. This is the first time am giving attention to … Continue reading Douglas Crockford talk about WEB

Standards @ Microsoft

With the new year roll out, Microsoft has initiated a new website with the caption as mentioned at the subject of this post. Yes, they are starting a new initiative with all the Standards that are in place with the industry giants and the best out of Individuals, Corporations, Acadmics, who not … every one .. http://www.microsoft.com/standards/ is the link for all such standards. The initial thought for this resulted from the Interop team. They have a separate home for them as http://www.microsoft.com/interop. The history has 2 yrs old story to come out with such standards towards Interoperability. And finally … Continue reading Standards @ Microsoft

Microsoft Products at No Cost – Free

Who says that Microsoft manufactures products only to sell ?? Microsoft has many products that are free to download. As am into .NET and specially with Visual Studio, am aware that Visual Studio is free to download from Microsoft’s website. Yes, that’s true.. Microsoft give Visual studio 2008 Express Editions, MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 as well as the Runtime for the latest .NET framework 3.5. Here is the link to learn more towards free products as well as priced products. To know more about the product information about Visual Studio 2008, click here.

ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview

The ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview provides a glimpse of new, powerful functionality being added to ASP.NET 3.5 and ADO.NET next year. This release delivers features that enable high-productivity data scenarios and creates the best server for rich clients. The release includes an ASP.NET model-view-controller (MVC) framework, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, Silverlight controls for ASP.NET, ADO.NET Data Services, an Entity Framework runtime, new features for ASP.NET AJAX and a wide variety of API References as hosted at ASP.NET Official site. You can download the ASP.NET 3.5 Preview, which contain all the Siliverlight controls, ADO.NET Data Services and many more. There is a … Continue reading ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview

Microsoft Test Automation User Group – MTAUG.net

A new user group that is taking into shape, specially for the teams that involve software testing. You can get to know more about this user group from http://mtaug.net or get onto http://groups.msn.com/mtaug This group is going to be functioning in parallel with “Hyderabad .NET User Group“, http://muag.net or http://groups.msn.com/dotNETUserGroupHyd   Tomorrow, 20th July 2007, is going to be the launch of the group. Am going to be there as a speaker for C# 3.0 fundamentals.. are you ?