What’s new in .NET

Currently, we see version 4 of .NET Framework is the hot topic. It all started with v1.0 during 2003 and have seen various version changes, such as v1.1, v2.0, v3.0 and v3.5. But what’s new in every version? You might start comparing each version directly with its predecessor. Did we ever thought interms of the need of the new version? (or) What makes new version much a mandatory for the application to start using them? Jerry D. Miller, a .Net Developer from Austin, Tx, has a different perspective about the new version of .NET. He says that the new thing … Continue reading What’s new in .NET

C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Implicit}-Part1

Recent development in my technical life is that, started working out with Orcas Beta 2. So, thought to blog about the latest happenings with C# language. The idea emerged to start a series of posts related to C# new features. This is the first of ever such kind of blogging specific to a topic. C# 3.0 has many-a-new features. To start with, let me take a concept of Implicitly Typed Variables. Implicitly Typed Variables In the good old days, the developer has to worry about the type of the variable. Say for instance, whether to use long or double for … Continue reading C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Implicit}-Part1

PaaS or SaaS

There is a big debate going on with these two buzz words. Before we get to the point of this post, let’s first examine what they are… and what they mean by to the development force. SaaS : By definition it goes like this, Software As A Service. In the good olden days, we are used to think the application as whole system and all the modules have to function only with in. But as the technology evolved and the new horizons are leading the development process to newer levels, we got a new dimension as “Web Service”. This concept … Continue reading PaaS or SaaS