C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Properties}-Part2

Property of the class can be considered as the mechanism of accessing the private variables of the class. In other words, properties act as wrappers to the private variables. Though, the new feature related to this is not so great from the point of technology, but highly meaningful from the developer point of view. In a large class code, having many fields and exposed as Properties, it is really difficult to remember the private fields association with the respective definition of properties. The new feature of Properties in C# 3.0 language specification says that the developer doesn’t require to define … Continue reading C# 3.0 – What’s New : {Properties}-Part2

The importance of ‘Return’ keyword at JavaScript

Recently, while coding for a Text Field value padded with left zeros, realised the importance of the RETURN key word for the FUNCTION written in JavaScript. Before i mention the actual importance, let me describe you the situation. Scenario: A Text box need to be padded with zeros and should have the length of 7 digits, even the data entered is less than 7. Ex: When the key board input being 88, the text box should show 0000088. Note the ZEROs padded on left. So, started with a JavaScript function as mentioned below function PadZeros(x) { var v = x.value; … Continue reading The importance of ‘Return’ keyword at JavaScript

Increase Web Pages Response time – tip

For the ASP.NET pages that has no user input it is a best practice to have the page register with EnableViewState=“false”. This will increase the response time to 200% of the default. Along with that, you can also do the one more important is that, anyhow these pages have no user input. Secondly, these will have data that is read-only from database. Thus, you are sure that there is no activity from the user that could be saved onto disk. Perhaps the user might work with the data that is available on the page. Hence, keeping all the above point … Continue reading Increase Web Pages Response time – tip

Microsoft Test Automation User Group – MTAUG.net

A new user group that is taking into shape, specially for the teams that involve software testing. You can get to know more about this user group from http://mtaug.net or get onto http://groups.msn.com/mtaug This group is going to be functioning in parallel with “Hyderabad .NET User Group“, http://muag.net or http://groups.msn.com/dotNETUserGroupHyd   Tomorrow, 20th July 2007, is going to be the launch of the group. Am going to be there as a speaker for C# 3.0 fundamentals.. are you ?