EntLib 5.0 & Unity 2.0 Release Dates

Am a big favorite of EntLib. I started using this from v1.1 during June 2005. The good thing from the latest version is that they are not adding any more blocks, on top of it they are removing some unwanted code. They are targeting to release this by 14th of April after 2days of VS2010.

Bill Gates started a website

Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates started a new website about his leanings and thoughts that are cooking in his mind. It is really good to know such transparent information from a person like him. Every January, he writes a news letter to all the employees of Microsoft and shares his ideas to them. This year is some thing different. Why only the Microsofties know about him, not the world. From this thought is raised a new concept of sharing via web. Did you see this web, the Gates Notes. It has various sections like, Thinking, Learning, Travel, blah.. blah .. Why … Continue reading Bill Gates started a website

What’s new in .NET

Currently, we see version 4 of .NET Framework is the hot topic. It all started with v1.0 during 2003 and have seen various version changes, such as v1.1, v2.0, v3.0 and v3.5. But what’s new in every version? You might start comparing each version directly with its predecessor. Did we ever thought interms of the need of the new version? (or) What makes new version much a mandatory for the application to start using them? Jerry D. Miller, a .Net Developer from Austin, Tx, has a different perspective about the new version of .NET. He says that the new thing … Continue reading What’s new in .NET

Bing vs Yahoo

If the current statistics continue till the end of this year, Microsoft would have a good news, ie., Bing overtakes yahoo search by the early next year.

Microsoft – Night School

All these days, only the government officials are encouraging every individual to become as literate. If any individual couldn’t able to attend the school in their childhood, they are conducting classes during evening hours at different places, so that the elderly people can go there during their evening time and can learn to read.   In fact, this new is not a new thing.. but the point is that .. Microsoft is conducting such kind of events with the local partners of Australia. Isn’t strange.. There are 3 tracks as an initiative. 1) SharePoint training for Team Leaders Home Page … Continue reading Microsoft – Night School

IE 8 Beta1 and SL2.0 – Today

Today, I’ve downloaded IE8 beta 1 as well as Silverlight 2.0 installed on my laptop. This day have seen many products released at Mix 08 by great personalities like Scott Guthrie,  Bob Familiar, Guy Burstein, IEBlog, etc. According to Jane Kim at an interview for Mix08, Activities and WebSlices are two of the most exciting new features in IE8. Apart of IE8.0 and SL2.0, there are other products such as Expression Blend 2.5 March CTP Expression Web 2 Beta Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for VS2008 I’ve downloaded all these .. and am trying out one by one .. what about … Continue reading IE 8 Beta1 and SL2.0 – Today

What’s behind name, "Microsoft"

Did you ever thought that Bill Gates named their company as “Microsoft”?.. it was a billion dollar question to me all these days. At the early days when Bill is forming his company along with his friends, sought recommendations for a good and fancy name. Every one gave their won stylish and trendy names. They are not ready till their first cheque is due to them. While Steve Balmer is talking about a product that is the brain child of Bill, mentioned as “.. it is a SOFTware for MICROprocessors .. “, these words lead the idea to name their … Continue reading What’s behind name, "Microsoft"

Standards @ Microsoft

With the new year roll out, Microsoft has initiated a new website with the caption as mentioned at the subject of this post. Yes, they are starting a new initiative with all the Standards that are in place with the industry giants and the best out of Individuals, Corporations, Acadmics, who not … every one .. http://www.microsoft.com/standards/ is the link for all such standards. The initial thought for this resulted from the Interop team. They have a separate home for them as http://www.microsoft.com/interop. The history has 2 yrs old story to come out with such standards towards Interoperability. And finally … Continue reading Standards @ Microsoft

VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 Training Kit

The Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos. This content is designed to help you learn how to utilize the Visual Studio 2008 features and a variety of framework technologies including: LINQ, C# 3.0, Visual Basic 9, WCF, WF, WPF, ASP.NET AJAX, VSTO, CardSpace, SilverLight, Mobile and Application Lifecycle Management. I’ve downloaded this, if any one require this, you can drop me a mail or can collect from me.