ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

Most of the ASP.NET developers ignore the page life cycle. They dig only when it is a trouble shooting situation or fixing a bug or as part of a rescue mission. For all those developers, there is an article that explains in detail about ASP.NET v4 page life cycle. Click here to read more in detail. But a picture is worth more than 1000 words. So is this. Isn’t it??

4 Checkboxes – Some tricky issue

Today, almost more than 4 hrs I’d spent on this issue. Do you want to know what is that? Here is that. I have 4 checkbox elements and I have to do the following conditions Condition 1) Any one check box has to selected Condition 2) If any of the first 2 check boxes are selected, my code should throw an exception when the 3rd check box is selected Condition 3) vice versa for Condition 2 A picture is worth of 1000 words. Here is the actual requirement. Hope you got the actual picture. Now here comes the actual twist. … Continue reading 4 Checkboxes – Some tricky issue

Mix: UK 07 Vedios

For all those who didn’t attend the Mix at UK during Sep 07, here is a good news. The good news is not only for those who didn’t attend the MIX, but for all the technology lovers as well as persons who are passionate about latest technology happenings. The two day event is now available for offline viewing at their website. Here is the link that give you the download of all the videos of all the sessions that happened. Isn’t nice for all of us, who missed the event and who couldn’t afford to attend the event. It’s time … Continue reading Mix: UK 07 Vedios

Live SkyDrive Storage

All of a sudden, today, when i logged into my SkyDrive space, to my surprise, i realised that the space allocated per user is doubled and now each user is allowed upto 1 GB of storage limit on Microsoft’s shared server. Isn’t it awesome??? for me this is a pleasant  surprise. Now, that i can share my files upto 1GB size with my clients.