MMS Day 4 – Thursday 29th March

Today’s keynote was a panel of big companies that use System Center including EDS. Had a meeting with Neil Sanderson who is the Product Manager for System Center in the UK. Looks like there will be a “Best of MMS” session in the UK on the 1st May – more…(read more)

Other highlights from MMS Day Three

Other things of note coming out of yesterday include: Having lunch with Microsoft and Rod to discuss ways of improving the Systems Management Community Attending a meeting with 1E and some other large companies about setting up a forum to share experiences…(read more)

System Center Bloggers

Had an interesting meeting with Microsoft yesterday and a few other bloggers. Basically Microsoft want to work with us to help us spread the love on System Center. We tossed around some ideas and they’ve gone away to chew things over so watch this space…..(read more)

MMS Day Three – Wednesday 28th March

Attended the keynote: SMS 2003 SP3 will be available in April SCCM Live Asset intelligence coming – Your Site Server connects over the Internet to a server in Microsoft to receive updates to the Asset Intelligence catalog Automatic OS image management…(read more)

MMS – SY03 – SCCM Deployment Part 1

Attended this session and made the following notes: SCCM Improvements Multi-threaded Hardware Inventory Object replication to Secondaries eliminated Multi-threaded file dispatch manager on Management Point (used to transfer data from the MP to the Site…(read more)

MMS Day Two – Tuesday 27th March

This is the first “proper” day of MMS. The day started with the keynote in which I found out: There’s a new version of SQL due next year (wasn’t aware of that one). SCOM 2007 was officially announced as going RTM with it becoming available the first week…(read more)

MMS Day One…

And they say Monday is the quiet day of MMS It’s been a VERY hectic day for me personally. Lots of meetings with different folks on working together to better serve you guys in the community, meeting old friends like Garth, Dave Jaffe, Rod and Megan,…(read more)

Where I’ll be at MMS…

I want to meet as many of you as possible at MMS – you know what I look like from my picture on here so come on up and say “hi”. Of course I’ll be at Registration this morning, hanging round the Alumni lounge at various times but most of the time I’ll…(read more)