[Windows 7] Looking Better..

So I thought I’d give downloading the ISO from Connect another try and I’m pleased to say that this time Hyper-V likes it and the install has got a LOT further (although not finished as I type this)…(read more)

[Rant] Where is it all going to end?

Watching the News last night it was sad to see the scenes of the riots in the streets of Paris and hearing about the Greek farmers blockading the principle motorway for a week but I understand these people’s frustrations and I can sympathise with them…(read more)

[Windows 7] NOT impressed so far…

So as I’m in the process of building my lab server I thought I’d build a Windows 7 machine to have a “play with”. So I downloaded the ISO and tried to create a new VM in Hyper-V. VM starts and I click “Install Now”. Then I get the following message back…(read more)

[Hyper-V] Fixed Disks vs. Physical Disks

Feed: Virtual PC Guy's WebLog I recently was setting up a Home Server on top of Hyper-V (Note: this is not a supported configuration, so if you wish to do the same – be it on your head) and had to decide between using physical disks directly attached…(read more)

[MMS] 2009 Session List is Now Available

Just a quick heads up that the Session catalogue (including breakouts), for this year’s MMS is now available at: http://www.mms-2009.com/public/sessions.aspx NOTE: Of course this is subject to change but should give you a good starting point to start…(read more)