12 July 2007: PowerShell User Group Meeting

The next meeting of the PowerShell User Group will cover scripting Virtual Server with PowerShell and a discussion around PowerShell tools especially PowerGUI and PowerGadgets. Please register for the meeting on the website or email powershell-uk@hotmail…(read more)

Testing Out Windows Live Writer

I've been trying out BlogJet for the last month or so and when my trial period expired I decided to buy it. Then as is typical in life, as soon as I'd paid for it I stumbled across the beta version of Windows Live Writer which seems to do almost…(read more)

Noticed the date?

Yep it’s the 5 th June 2007 so what’s the big deal? Write it like this and you’ll see 05/06/07 I know there is a special name for a date like this (if I remember it I’ll post here – you never know might come in useful to…(read more)

Maximise Mobility Briefings

The businesses environment today increasingly demands more and more information and now with almost instant access – anywhere, anytime. Most of us use mobile technology, perhaps as a phone and possibly for email, but with this increasing thirst for near…(read more)

My Hips Don’t Lie…

WOW – Necy and I went to see Shakira in concert last night. After waiting for 2 1/2 hours she finally came on stage and boy was it worth the wait. Man she can sing and dance and when she finished off the encore with ” My Hips Don’t Lie ” (my favourite…(read more)