[MMS] Cinderella you CAN go to the ball

Thinking you’re missing out by NOT being at MMS? Well you CAN be there thanks to Microsoft’s new Virtual Attendee package that gives you: Access to the MMS 2009 CommNet now and after MMS Live Webcast of the MMS 2009 Keynotes* Video Recordings of Breakout…(read more)

[Misc] Free TechNet Resources

Microsoft is making substantial efforts to provide customers with tools and services aimed at increasing the successful deployment and healthy operation of Microsoft products within customer environments. To that end, here is a list of free resources…(read more)

Blow your own trumpet…

… as no-one will do it for you as the saying goes. Well here goes. Out of the blue a few weeks ago I got an email from Steve Lamb who is the UK Microsoft Evangelist responsible for Management. Steve wanted to come to see me to record a podcast talking…(read more)