[Rant] Wot no eSata cable?

So I’ve invested in a Seagate FreeAgent XTreme eSata external drive primarily for the performance benefits I hope to get over regular USB/ Firewire which needless to say I’ve had to pay extra for. The drive has just arrived and I’ve eagerly opened it…(read more)

[Rant] The Long and Painful Road…

So my new HP laptop arrived earlier this week. After a quick trip into the office to build it off the network things looked good until I needed to start the migration from my old Dell (which is getting slower and slower and slower each day so I won’t…(read more)

[Rant] Where is it all going to end?

Watching the News last night it was sad to see the scenes of the riots in the streets of Paris and hearing about the Greek farmers blockading the principle motorway for a week but I understand these people’s frustrations and I can sympathise with them…(read more)