[News] Microsoft unveils Slate Tablet PC

Microsoft has unveiled the new Slate Tablet PC which is basically a cut down, thinner and lighter version of the Tablet PC designed especially to run Windows 7 applications. Depending on the price these could make a great tool for viewing photos on. For…(read more)

[MVP] Congratulations 2010 Microsoft MVP!

Well Santa maybe a week late but I forgive him as he’s given me the best start to 2010 – I’ve been re-awarded as a MVP for the 7th consecutive, something I feel deeply humbled but also honoured about at the same time. 2010 is going to be a BIG year in…(read more)

New FAQShop Facebook Group

The web is becoming a very diverse experience these days with Social Networking playing an ever increasing part in the way that people interact with the Internet. So I’ve just created a new FAQShop group on Facebook which you’ll all more than welcome…(read more)

[WMUG] Wally Mead in London 6th November

I’ve been BURSTING at the seams for WEEKS now to tell you all that we are absolutely delighted to be able to announce today that Wally Mead, Senior Program Manager for System Center Configuration Manager has agreed to come back to the UK to spend a day…(read more)