WMP Newsgroup Posts.

I have almost got posting in the WMP groups down to a science.  I have about 20 copy-and-paste responce that i use to quickly reply to the 150+ posts a day in there.  What’s best about them is that the OP’s are getting great information w/o them providing context into their exact issue.  Only 1 in 20 have provided the needed information in their post to credit an “exact” answer.  So this makes my part go much faster, while getting them good answers and information.  I takes me about 15 minutes to reply to 75 posts.  That’s a HUGE time … Continue reading WMP Newsgroup Posts.

Step into Liquid!

Dispite the few issues with WMV-HD listed below these disc’s are still GREAT.  I picked up “Step into Liquid” a day or so ago.  It is fantasic!  I would highly recommend that everyone pick up this titles. It’s 720p and has 5.1 WMA Pro.  Most PC’s can handle a 720p encode and have it look great.

The Problem with WMV-HD

I have got a thread going over that AVSForum about the issues with current WMV-HD titles  I think Microsoft and the content producers really need to address these issues if they want to format to go places. #1 – Add a DD or DTS audio track.  Currently WMP 9 can not even output WMA Pro 5.1 through SPDIF.  So if you have a AVR that can decode the stream it is useless that this point.  Almost everyones AVR can handle a DD stream out of SPDIF. #2 – Everyone hates DRM, so for consumers to purchase the product we need to … Continue reading The Problem with WMV-HD

MLB Games via MCE.

As many might know Microsoft has be picked this year for distrobution of the MLB content instead of Real.  Microsoft needs to make an MCE interface for this.  Not only is it a great to sell MCE machine and the service but it bring the “eHome” idea closer to being a dominating force in selling PC’s.

Cost of MCE PC’s?

So, a lot of people seem to think that MCE PC’s are too overpriced.  Okay, that’s cool becuase the OEM set’s the price.  The problem i have with it is the same people think MCE sucks bcause it doesnt support HDTV or dual tuners.  HD card’s right now cost about $300 and they only do OTA.  So even if MCE supported HD and dual tuners you are talking about adding over $500 to the cost of the PC.  Then the cost to Microsoft for having to explain what OTA is and how and what you get access to.

Is There a Reason…

That people think the Microsoft Newsgroups are Microsoft Product Support?  At least one person a week seems to think this.  They don’t want an answer from me or they don’t want to provide any basic information on their problem.  And then they want to know why Microsoft isn’t helping them. Why do we have all these people who don’t take the time to read before they speak?

Why doesn’t LameACM work with WMP?

I have been trying for a few days to get LameACM to work with WMP.  Having minor success though.  It’s not hard to get WMP to see the encoder, it’s just a few registry entries.  The hard part is when i try to rip and encode a track to MP3, WMP hangs using 400MB of RAM.  The audio is being encoded, but the files don’t encode correctly.  It’s gargled and just sounds like crap.  I would love to get a free MP3 encoder to work in WMP.  Having to pay for MP3 encoding in WMP makes Microsoft look like they … Continue reading Why doesn’t LameACM work with WMP?


This card might just be the best thing to happen to digital media on PC’s in years.  The card is promising Inverse Telecine, MPEG-2/MPEG-4/DivX/WMV9 hardware encoding and decoding.  You can encode MPEG-2 and WMV9 up to HD resolutions! The only issues with this card are (1) The power (2) The space.  This card will require 2 power leads from the PSU.  It will take up the AGP slot+the closest PCI slot. Windows Media Center Edition will shine assuming this card will be supported.  Getting HD into the PC and having hardware encode to limit CPU usage. 

Windows Media Center 2005

As being reported by Neowin.net the latest beta for Windows Media Center is due to start soon. Testers will get to test MCE on a beta PC provided by Microsoft for the time of the test only.  A beta tester for MCE will work with that PC for a few months to help Microsoft get some real world user information on the latest edition of Media Center. This beta is codenamed “Symphony” and should offer many advances on Media Center and will hopefully add many new features (Dual Tuners Please) and fix many of the known problems with Media Center … Continue reading Windows Media Center 2005