Cost of MCE PC’s?

So, a lot of people seem to think that MCE PC’s are too overpriced.  Okay, that’s cool becuase the OEM set’s the price.  The problem i have with it is the same people think MCE sucks bcause it doesnt support HDTV or dual tuners.  HD card’s right now cost about $300 and they only do OTA.  So even if MCE supported HD and dual tuners you are talking about adding over $500 to the cost of the PC.  Then the cost to Microsoft for having to explain what OTA is and how and what you get access to.

One thought on “Cost of MCE PC’s?

  1. What if I don’t care about the price for HDTV MCE? What if I’d pay $5,000 for a machine? Can I have my HD MCE then? Nope.

    Just abandoned all televsion on the MCE and bought the new HDTV Tivo — an incredibly superior 4 tuner digital television recorder.

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