The Problem with WMV-HD

I have got a thread going over that AVSForum about the issues with current WMV-HD titles  I think Microsoft and the content producers really need to address these issues if they want to format to go places.

#1 – Add a DD or DTS audio track.  Currently WMP 9 can not even output WMA Pro 5.1 through SPDIF.  So if you have a AVR that can decode the stream it is useless that this point.  Almost everyones AVR can handle a DD stream out of SPDIF.

#2 – Everyone hates DRM, so for consumers to purchase the product we need to get the DRM to a state where the consumer doesnt know it’s their.  That translates to Offline-DRM and no DRM that requires a internet connection.  Even though everyone should have WiFi in their house, the problem is that not everyone does.  So get rid of the dial-up DRM and goto Offline-DRM.

#3 – Content!  Current only one titles has been released that can be considered “main-stream”.  That would be T2 – Extreme Edition.  We want to see more content released to us.

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