The Problems With Online Music Services

iTunes Music Store, Napster, MusicNow, BuyMusic, RealRhapsody, and many more.  All of this services allow you to purchase music on the internet in compressed formats.  To some, it’s great.  Never leave the house and build your either music collection.  To others, it’s a waste of money for what you get.

All of the music stores use either AAC or WMA.  Okay, sounds good?  No!!  Both of these are lossy formats.  You can not and will not get “CD Quality” from one of these formats (Assuming the original source is a PCM track).  To add to that you are basically paying about the same price as you would for a CD at the store or online.  And then the factor that kills it for me.  DRM.  Yep, no question DRM is here to stay, I’ve got no problem with that, but think about it.  Why should I pay $10 for a CD online, and not be able to do exactly what I wish?  Plus, there are different DRM systems out their.  Apple has Fairplay, Microsoft has Windows Media Rights.  Both are so so for what they do, but both still have many issues.

For these issues I think Online Music Services will fail if they do not change. (More on what they should do later.)

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