ATI Releases The HDTV Wonder!

HDTV is the technology of the future. It offers much higher resolution and clarity than analog TV and over twice the resolution of DVDs. The FCC has mandated that it replace analog TV. Broadcasters in the USA are well on their way to achieving this objective:

  • Over 50% of TV shows and growing are currently broadcast in HDTV

  • Over 80% of USA households get five or more DTV channels

Until now, a special TV costing in excess of $ 1000. was required to receive HDTV (High Definition Television) signals. Thanks to the HDTV WONDER, the PC is ready to become the home’s first HDTV device. Now you can enjoy crystal clear HDTV broadcasts on your current PC monitor at a very affordable price.

There is also a nice little review of the package at


Great bundle

Excellent Price Point

Good Reception



High CPU use while viewing HDTV

Software is a bit buggy

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