Microsoft’s Music Store: Opening Soon?

According to an article on Microsoft’s new Music Store (MSN Digital Music Store) could open as early as next month.  More from their aricle below.

The online music market, which archrival Apple’s iTunes store is mopping up around 70 per cent of, could see a Microsoft play from August, according to the Financial Times. The FT claims that while details of a pricing structure aren’t confirmed, the record labels are likely to give Microsoft terms similar to those they have given Apple – which would see Redmond peddling pop for 99 cents and 79p a track.

It’s thought that the service will be run on a pay-per-download basis – in the iTunes style – rather than on a subscription model, favoured by some song shops, such as Napster. The song shop is likely to appear as a feature on the MSN homepage – giving it a potential audience of 350 million visitors a month.,39024667,39122766,00.htm

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