NVIDIA’s New Decoder Status (ForceWare MM and NVDVD)

This is right from NVIDIA.  This is good(In my mind) because we are now getting NVIDIA to work with their partners to give use the best product they can!

I would like update everyone with reguard to the status of NVDVD/FWMM 3.x and 4.x from NVIDIA.

1) We have decided to only ship 3.x with OEM, Retail and NVIDIA.COM hardware bundles. There are currently no plans to sell 3.x as a standalone application or decoder pack. The bundles typically include either the DVD/Music/Photos/Videos application or the full suite including TV, PVR, EPG, DVD Burning, etc. It is likely that the 4.x decoder will be available for purchase via NVIDIA.COM at some point in the future. The best way to get 3.x decoders today is via a board bundle. The best way to get 4.x decoders in the very near future is via TheaterTek 2.0 or MS MediaCenter 2004 systems from OEMs that have choosen to ship the NVIDIA solution.

2) There are many different types of decoder packages available out there today. Some are locked to NVIDIA hardware, some are locked to certain applications and some are fully unlocked and can be used on any manufactures hardware and any application. The choice of which style of locks are used is purely up to the OEM or retail partner. This should explain the situations in which same version decoders from different sources behave differently on different systems/environments.

4) 4.x is our newest version and includes support for hardware accelerated cadence based inv 3:2 pulldown as well as lots of other quality improvements. Cadence based inv 3:2 is the same feature that is in the VPP today but using hardware instead of software.

5) 4.x is the version that we have qualified for use with Microsoft MCE 2004 as well as TheaterTek 2.0. The team has worked very closely with TheaterTek and Microsoft MCE teams to ensure that the 4.x decoders are the absolute best that they can be.

Thank you for your continued support of NVIDIA Multimedia solutions.

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