My WMV-HD mini FAQ

There are a few issues and basic questions alot of people have about current WMV-HD disc’s so a while ago I started making a little FAQ (mostly for my reference) but I thought I would post it here so if any of you have an issue it might already be covered by stuff I know or have seen before.  It’s kind of long, so I didn’t want to post it word for word on the front page itself, so I have a little link to it below.  Hope it helps some of ya’ll!


  • Also, If anyone sees any typo’s or problems with it please post here, I did not exactly proof this before posting it.
  • Note the mini FAQ part, I’ll give credit to Zach Robinson for his WMP mini FAQ.  Link below and has been on the left side of this site since I starting blogging.  BTW, I really know nothing about WMP, I just steal it all from Zach. 😉

WMP mini FAQ

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