More iTunes Sharing Software [OurTunes]

CNET News is reporting that a new software application is out that allows users to share Libraries in iTunes over the internet.  Both AAC and MP3 files can be traded (Not Protected Files).  According to the report from CNET, “OurTunes works only among computers that share a network, however. That means that students or employees can swap songs on a local network, but cannot use it to browse computers on the Internet…”

This is the three or forth problem that iTunes has run into.  From hacked DRM systems, to sharing Libraries over the web, iTunes seems to be running into more and more problems and issues.

Hackers revive iTunes music sharing

14 thoughts on “More iTunes Sharing Software [OurTunes]

  1. Yeah, what a problem iTunes is. People want to use it’s great features and quality UI so much they are trying to hack it. So many problems. Nice attempt at spin, though, gotta give you that!

  2. I love iTunes and have access to over 30000 songs through my uni network.

    I’d love to be able to half-inch everyone else’s music but if it would mean the end of iTunes I’d stick to the Music Store and stores in town.

    And ourTunes is a disgrace to mac users and developers worldwide. The UI is horrible and so unintuitive it makes a mockery of OS X.

    Sort it out ourTunes, sod off money-hungry artists and enough about piracy.

  3. That was a joke-post, right James Conroy-Finn? Andif you are Finnish don’t ever say such garbage and disgrace your other ‘brilliant’ Finn hackers… Plus if you don’t know what you are talking about – then STFU

    None of the artists are hungry out there… and if they are its not ‘your’ fault… it’s the middle-man (RIAA) who’s eating 20$ a pop from you and dropping $2-dung on the artist.

  4. James Conroy-Finn: The UI is done in Java. It has nothing to do with OS X you mac-centric loser. ourTunes is a cross-platform program that looks just as shitty in Windows or a UNIX environment (Which is what OS X runs on, now isn’t it?)

    You’re missing the entire point, aren’t you…

  5. Right then. First off, I’m not Finnish, and I have no problem with hackers, in fact I support people who try to advance computing for everyone.

    What are you on about when you question my understanding of OS X? You don’t know me so don’t get personal.

    ‘Hungry’ does not mean they need food. You can be hungry for anything. In that context I was referring to money. I think you just misunderstood.

    Tandon: You’re an illiterate, moronic, half-witted sack of useless bile. You don’t have a clue. The UI could have been built in Interface Builder in a few minutes, then it could be linked to the Java core, easy-peasy. You wouldn’t know that though as you haven’t built an OS X native app in your life, have you….

    Are you saying because ourTunes looks just as shitty in Windows and Linux that it’s ok? That makes no sense. If you knew anything you wouldn’t have posted that shit.

    And yes, OS X does utilise a UNIX core, because UNIX is extremely stable, secure and reliable.

    Tell me, what is the point? Do you even know?

  6. « This is the three or forth problem that iTunes has run into »

    It appears I have missed a couple of problems…

    « from hacked DRM systems »

    « to sharing Libraries over the web »

    I really liked to know how you can achieve that with ourTunes…

    « iTunes seems to be running into more and more problems and issues »

    That’s your assertion, with nothing underlying it.

    When you write:

    « CNET News is reporting that a new software application is out that allows users to share Libraries in iTunes over the internet » that is totally wrong and even not coherent with your own quotation from the article: « … cannot use it to browse computers on the Internet »

    Did you read what you wrote ?

    MY feeling is that you cannot tolerate the idea that someone can be better, or worse: have more success than M$, especially in the media playing domain.

  7. i am in love with ourtunes its such a good software and its not ilegal because its like asking for a cd and copying to your computer but made easier and its not like kazaa

    in my school everybody uses it and its great

    keep on upgrading it youre doing great

  8. Fantastic bit of software. Saved me gazillions, potentially, though I’d never buy music, well what’s the point when I can get it for free. MacOS, Java, Windows even Linux, who cares so long as it free. Lovely!

  9. I Wish all you hacker nerds would STFU and not spam every forum cause someone thinks they know more than you about your box…On a lighter note, I think myTunes and OurTunes is the SHIAAT!!!!!

  10. I agree.
    As long as “artists” are buying mansions and cruisin’ the bahamas in their personal yachts, I don’t feel that I should nickle and dime myself homeless to listen to music.
    Keep it comin’ ourTunes.

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