C00D11CD Guide Hits 10,000 Web Views!

Well, me little guide to Error 0xC00D11CD in Windows Media Player has now had 10,000 web views!  I guess I posted it maybe one month ago.  I idea is to better hit the Google searchers when they type in their error code.  I’m still not at the top for C00D11CD, but thats cool becuase fellow Digital Media MVP Marc Liron is!  I’m getting to the top in some of the less known errors like C00D1163, C00D11D4, 800C0008 and so on.

Guide To Error C00D11CD In WMP (Unknown Error)

2 thoughts on “C00D11CD Guide Hits 10,000 Web Views!

  1. Re-registering “mpeg2splt.ax” and “quartz.dll” filters should fix this issue*

    Have a try. It worked fine with me.


    p.s.: * WMP video streaming playback over the web.

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