My DVD Collection 2004! [RC0 Released]

I don’t think I have blogged about this before, but I’m kicking myself for not having done it before.  My DVD Collection 2004 is an DVD Indexing App for Windows MCE.  This application includes a nice interface to add your movies in Windows.  It will gets all of the movie information for you, so you get the Director, Rating, URL, DVD Release Date, Tagline, etc all downloaded for you with a single click.  This also does Actor’s in the movie.  So it will get the Actors Pics for each movie, nice for indexing since you can search all of your movies based on one actor!  It also does a great job of importing the Cover Artwork for you, no need to go search and find it yourself.

Add all of that with the great, cool, clean interface from controling this via your remote from inside MCE 2004!  This is freeware, but if you like the application you might donate a bit for all of the hard work that was put into it!

Your DVD’s can be stored on your PC, in compress formats, or just have them on the original DVD and pop it in when you are ready to play it.  You can still index them and keep all the cool extra info, without ripping them to your hard drive!  This is a huge plus for people who either don’t wish to rip them or who just want a better interface for catalog or index them.

My DVD Collection 2004 Homepage & Download

My DVD Collection 2004 – Release Candidate 0

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