Product Support For Windows Media Player

Many problems you can run into with Windows Media Player do not have fixes or solutions that have been provided by the community.  Remember, if you are trying to find a solution on the Web, Newsgroups, Etc then you are just in a large community of people that are trying to help each other out by providing information.  This wil not always give you the answer that you are looking for or that helps you out.  So, when you get to that point Product Support is the next step.

Important Fact:  If you get to the step where you are contacting Product Support (OEM or Microsoft) then after you do so Post Your Solution In The Newsgroup!  The Newsgroups are built from the users, without people reporting the fixes its an endless cycle of questions and no answers!

Microsoft Product Support
If you purchased a retail copy of Windows then you will want to contact Microsoft Product Support (PSS)   You will want to goto;EN-US;top and select Windows Media Player.

OEM Support
Now, If you copy of Windows came installed on your PC, then you will need to contact your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  Your OEM is who ever made your PC.  Examples would include HP, Sony, Gateway, eMachines, IBM, Etc.  You should have some documentation with information on how to contact them.

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