Would You Buy A Portable Media Center?

Looks for some feedback here, are you interested in purchasing a Portable Media Center (PMC)?  If so, for what reasons?  If not, also what reasons.  What would you like to see different from what Portable Media Center’s currently are?  Is the price to high?  Is this just ot something you would like to use?  Are you interested in other devices that do the same?  Are you just not sure about any of it becuase you have not seen or heard enough about it?  What bugs you about them from what you know or what do you like about them?

Introducing Portable Media Centers (Pre-Sale)

2 thoughts on “Would You Buy A Portable Media Center?

  1. I would not buy a portable media center for the simple reason that my laptop computer is my portable media center. I take my IBM Thinkpad T40 everywhere with me outside of the home. The screen is bigger, the hard drive is bigger, it doubles as a useful computer with a full keyboard everywhere you go.

    I just recently re-read the old Bill Gates Playboy interview where he was asked if he used a PDA and he said no because he always had his laptop with him. Things may have changed of course but I identify with how Bill felt back then as someone who takes his laptop everywhere.

    My only disappointment is that Microsoft does not seem to recognize a laptop as a legitimate "portable device." For instance I can synch with WMP 10 to a host of portable devices but my laptop is not one of them unfortunately. This makes it very difficult for me to, for instance, get all of my 5 star songs on my laptop.

    Speaking of laptops and portable media. One thing does need to happen. I purchased a little add on device called from IROCK that allows me to transmit my laptop to 88.7 fm. rather than a cigarette lighter powered external device, laptop manufacturers need to put one of these little broadcasting devices in every laptop. Combined with some simple play, pause, volume and back and forward buttons on the outside laptop case it would be much easier for me to simply launch my laptop without opening it and use it as my own personal radio station anytime that i get in the car.

    If I want to watch recorded shows on my laptop I can just copy the MCE file over my network to my laptops hardrive and watch it later in WMP… oops or should I say USED to be able to do this. Since abandoning MCE’s "my television" for my HDTV TiVo I’m not able to do this anymore.


  2. Yes, I most certainly would.

    Picture a docking station right next to your television that is hooked up to your TV, Hi Fi, USB2 Digital TV receiver. If there is a way to hook up my Pay TV to the docking station, heck i would do that too! Have to commute tomorrow and too tired to watch your favourite Sci Fi? Record the show and watch it tomorrow during your journey or watch it at work when noones watching! When you come home, just plug the laptop back to that docking station, peruse the work that you did during the day, check tomorrows appointments and emails, the internet, news, or simply be entertained in the comfort of your living room.

    Laptops are small, typically quiet, aesthetically pleasing and would not look out of place in the living room next to your entertainment system. I would rather buy a laptop than customize a PC where you have to do balancing act between cool and quiet. Sure, there are fanless solutions for the PC, but would you buy a great big box designed like a heatsink as opposed to a laptop on your shelf? There is also more value in a laptop at the equivalent price.

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