DVR 2 WMV Final To Be Released!

It should only be a small amount of time now until the final version of DVR 2 WMV will be released.  Once released it will be in the Download Center at The Green Button (TGB).

For anyone who might not know, this application will allow you to take DVR-MS files (Recorded TV In MCE) and convert them to Windows Media Video (WMV).  WMV allows you to keep great quality and much smaller files.

This Download Is Now Live!

TGB Download Center

12 thoughts on “DVR 2 WMV Final To Be Released!

  1. This isn’t the best place to post for help, however make sure your decodes are set correctly. Most of the testing was done using NVIDIA’s MPEG-2 decoder. Also, try turning on the Compatibility Mode option.

  2. what other MPEG2 Decoderes work with this? i know there are some besides NVIDIA’s PureVideo because i used DVR2WMV on another computer which doesnt show the NVIDIA icon when encoding/watching TV, and that encoding with that unknown encoder is about 1/4 faster than with PureVideo

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