Huge SP2 Issues With Intel Prescott P4’s

Check it out before you install SP2 on your machine make sure you read this to see if it applies to you!  You will save yourself a huge headache it you happen to be running a Prescott chip.

Specific Issue – Prescott Processors and XP SP2

11 thoughts on “Huge SP2 Issues With Intel Prescott P4’s

  1. Woah woah woah! That’s going to be a pain to the many average/new users installing SP2 with a Prescott CPU and a mainboard that is listed as possibly causing problems. The XP SP2 update is going to be made available to millions of users and I think MS should get the word out better about this issue before it is officially released on Windows Update.

    This makes me very hesitant of installing XP SP2 on my notebook computer running 3.2GHz Prescott with a SiS648FX + SiS963L AGP8X Chipset mainboard.

  2. Chris

    A very well written article!!

    I hope you don’t mind if I spread the link ? Will save a lot of anguish from people as well as resellers.

  3. I see the following comment

    XP Service Pack 2 will hard lockup the PC if Prescott’s microcode is left below Revision 8 (or for some Prescott steppings, Revision 7).

    and don’t know how to tell if my Prescott steppings should be to Revision 7 or Revision 8.

    I had Revision 0 and stupidly installed SP2 and it locked up tighter than a drum. It was a new installation anyway, so I just re-formatted and started over to full SP1 and pre-SP2 level. Finally, Soyo posted a BIOS update on 9-21 or 9-22 and I applied it in support of their P4I875P Dragon 2 V1.0 Black Label (Prescott ready) motherboard and it jacked up the Revision Code to 7. Great, I see it should be 8 in most cases, but 7 is OK in others. What others?


  4. The lack of clarity in getting SP2 to work on a Prescott CPU goes beyond my imagination. I have seen nothing clear posted at any site. I have had no straight answers from Intel, MS, or Soyo on whether my PC setup will work on not as it stands. I had one reply from MS that said SP2 is not at fault. Well, then why does base XP work and XP SP1 one work fine with this Prescott CPU and then SP2 comes along and screws everything up? This lack of clear answers and information is shameful. I shouldn’t have to become a damn expert on CPUs, motherboards, BIOS updates, and workarounds just to install a service pack that is supposed to make my OS more secure. This is a bunch of bullshit.

  5. i have the same problem with soyo black label and presscot 2.8. but i was able to install xp home edition with sp2 without a problem, the problem with the system lockup after reboot happen with xp pro and sp2. any ideas how to fix it ? i already flashed the latest bios

  6. This is killing me, but…

    I have a Shuttle SS51G and have been running it just fine for 2 years now with a 2.53 P4 and 1 GB RAM… I have gone through each upgrade (SP1, SP2, etc) as its come… No issues… Then 3 months ago I upgraded to a 2.66 P4 (Not much (But free) and no, I don’t still have the old proc) I tested the system and have ZERO problems… everything has worked like a charm. I had noticed lately that the system overall seemed to be dragging and as I had just loaded BF2 on and was lagging a bit I deemed it time to do a full and complete format/and complete WinXP Pro install. No problem.. format, install, driver disk, awesome speed!!! I load SP2 …. Sputter sputter chock LOCKUP!!!!

    Now For the basic questions.

    1. I am running the latest BIOS Version

    2. All latest drivers Etc…

    3. CMOS setting have been modified alot (ranging from where the were (Mildly aggresive) to way throttled back)

    4. I have reformatted 7 times with different tricks and options each time… Lockup only occurs after (SP2 Install) Always at the Windows startup Splash screen

    The main concept I am having problems with is I HAVE had this system working just fine… So with the reload I feel there is some "Setting" or Patch that I must be overlooking. Perhaps one that installed "automatically" months ago and I never even noticed…

    Any ideas?

  7. I just ordered a brand new Dell Dimension 5100 with the prescott 630 Hyperthreaded 3.0 GHz chip, and after updating bios to latest version the same thing has happened to me. Dell gave me instructions to run a debug script at a command prompt. The script clears the initial partition on the hard drive or something of that nature. So I executed this script and reinstalled and then after running ok for a few days with SP2 installed, CRASH! it happened again. Blue screen of death. So I’m still working with Dell trying to solve this just like the rest of you.

    I think it’s crap that I pay $1500 for a nice new computer from Dell and then I can’t even use it b/c Windows and Dell (and possibly other MB manufacturers) are fighting over who should fix this problem. I develop software with my computer so every day I am down is costing me money!!

    If anyone else has had this same problem with their Dell and has been able to solve it please let me know. Thanks.

  8. Also, something that concerns me, is that dell gave me a debug script to run. So does this mean I’ll have to run this script every time I repartition the hard drive? And what has this effectively done to my hard drive? I think the script has something to do with the L1 cache. The script is below. If anyone knows about this script please share the knowledge.


    -F 200 L1000 0

    -A CS:100

    xxxx:0100 MOV AX,301

    xxxx:0103 MOV BX,200

    xxxx:0106 MOV CX,1

    xxxx:0109 MOV DX,80

    xxxx:010C INT 13

    xxxx:010E INT 20



    Thanks for any responses.

  9. so i figured out the debug routine – it just partitions the drive. So dell was steering me in circles. They really don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

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