WMP 10 This Week + MSN Music?

According to Sillicon Valley.com the release of Windows Media Player 10 is right around the cornor!  Not only that, the article states that Microsoft will also be opening the MSN Music Store with the release.  Could this be true?  WMP 10 and MSN Music to both launch this week?

Or a different note, I have to say good job to Microsoft for this Digital Media Mall idea that WMP 10 has.  If you don’t know about it you can see the early makings in the WMP 10 Technical Beta.  The basic idea is to give you choices to online media stores to purchase music, movies, etc.  It is clear that this is were the media player market is going.  RealNetworks gas their store, Apple has the iTunes Music Store, now Microsoft will have the MSN Music Store.  But the good part is if the MSN Music Store does not have the media you are looking for, their will be other stores one click away!

3 thoughts on “WMP 10 This Week + MSN Music?

  1. Sometime soon? Mabe this week? Very exciting… I read an article sometime back from PCWorld that an estimated release was the end of summer 2004 and other articles regarding hardware using WMP10, etc… And what do you know… summer is almost over. About three more weeks left before autumn. Sheesh time has gone by so fast.

    Can’t wait to see the "Digital Media Mall" to see how it compares to that of Apple’s and RealNetwork’s music stores.

  2. Just got WMP 10, and try using it for internet radio and get the "Error C00D109B". Can’t find any information on this error anywhere…so thought maybe you could help

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